Software-ECG COVID-19 Edition: The Second Wave Is Breaking in Europe

by [Karl Herzog]( | 659 words | ~4 min read

CW 48: Analyzing COVID-19 data with Software-ECG COVID-19 Edition. In this series of blogs we are going to look at the current figures of the COVID-19 …

Zero Presence But Many Presents: My Remote Start at QAware

by [Felix Kampfer]( | 784 words | ~4 min read

Felix shares his impressions of starting work at QAware 100% remotely.

HikariCP on Jakarta EE

by [Sascha Böhme]( | 567 words | ~3 min read

Motivation A JDBC connection pool is essential for application servers where several parallel requests need access to a database. Especially on high …

Presenting Software EKG - COVID-19 Edition

by [Karl Herzog]( | 755 words | ~4 min read

Our latest tool to analyze global COVID-19 data.

OOP 2020

by Florian Kowalski, Uli Schweikl, Vanessa Paulisch and Stefan Billet | 1162 words | ~6 min read

A field report from the 2020 OOP conference in Munich.

Breaking your build on SonarQube quality gate failure

by Moritz Kammerer | 469 words | ~3 min read

We use SonarQube to do a static analysis of our code for code smells, security bugs and more. SonarQube had a great feature in earlier versions: …

A Field Report From the O’Reilly Software Architecture in Berlin

by Susanne Apel, Stephan Klapproth, and Andreas Zitzelsberger | 1108 words | ~6 min read

Last week, we were at the O’Reilly Software Architecture in Berlin. Apart from showing off our toys at our booth and chatting with the nice people at …

DevOps Enterprise Summit

by Michael Rohleder | 843 words | ~4 min read

Die IT-Transformation in Richtung DevOps beschäftigt aktuell sehr viele Unternehmen der Welt, unter anderem auch unsere Kunden BMW, Deutsche Telekom …

How to dispatch flux to worker in Reactor

by Andreas Grub | 1498 words | ~8 min read

This post shows how to dispatch a flux of items to services of separated functional domains when using Reactor in Java. The author encountered this …

Virtual Kubelet - Run pods without nodes

338 words | ~2 min read

During my recent visit of the ContainerDays 2018 in Hamburg (19.-20.06.2018) I attended an interesting talk held by Ria Bhatia from Microsoft about …

ContainerDays 2018: Top talks on day 2

by Moritz Kammerer | 1278 words | ~6 min read

I attended the ContainerDays 2018 in the Hamburg Hafenmuseum. It was a very cool location midst containers (the real ones), cranes and big freight …

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