Binary Data Format Comparison

by Nicolai Ommer | 1353 words | ~7 min read

A comparison of different binary data formats in terms of read/write performance and storage usage.

Cloud Native Dev Tooling With Go

by Markus Zimmermann | 1367 words | ~7 min read

Faster DevOps flow and higher productivity with Cloud Native Dev Tools using Go

Cloud Migration: This is the Way

by Andreas Zitzelsberger | 928 words | ~5 min read

There is only one way to to do cloud migration properly: Linking business and technology.

A product journey: The QAmail Signature Tool

by Susanna Suchan | 851 words | ~4 min read

A product journey: The QAmail Signature Tool generates an email signature from stored Confluence profile data

The status quo of Chaos Engineering

by Josef Fuchshuber | 1632 words | ~8 min read

This article shows you the current status of Chaos Engineering rituals, procedures and tooling in the Cloud Native ecosystem.

Chaos Engineering: Chaos Toolkit Demo

by Josef Fuchshuber | 1085 words | ~6 min read

This blog article demonstrates the usage and functionality of the open source chaos engineering tool Chaos Toolkit.

Introducing Minikube Support Tools

by Christian Fritz | 580 words | ~3 min read

In this blog post, we want to introduce the minikube-support tools, which we recently released in the first version. The minikube-support tools are …

Ways to decorate Spring beans

by Moritz Kammerer | 1242 words | ~6 min read

In this blog post, we’ll look at various ways to decorate a Spring bean.

SonarQube with JaCoCo in multi-module Maven project

by Andreas Grub | 1862 words | ~9 min read

How to set up a SonarQube code analysis using the Sonar Maven Plugin including code coverage with the JaCoCo Maven plugin.

Software-ECG COVID-19 Edition: Summer in Oceania

by Johannes Weigend & Karl Herzog | 813 words | ~4 min read

Looking at COVID-19 case numbers in Oceania using the Software-ECG.

Generating OpenApi specification from Spring Boot

by Andreas Grub | 629 words | ~3 min read

This post highlights some features what the new library for generating OpenAPI v3 specifications from your running Spring Boot application can do.

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