OOP 2020

by Florian Kowalski, Uli Schweikl, Vanessa Paulisch and Stefan Billet | 1162 words | ~6 min read

A field report from the 2020 OOP conference in Munich.

A Field Report From the O’Reilly Software Architecture in Berlin

by Susanne Apel, Stephan Klapproth, and Andreas Zitzelsberger | 1108 words | ~6 min read

Last week, we were at the O’Reilly Software Architecture in Berlin. In this article we share our key learnings and takeaways with you.

Virtual Kubelet - Run pods without nodes

350 words | ~2 min read

An introduction to Virtual Kubelet - run pods without nodes

ContainerDays 2018: Top talks on day 2

by Moritz Kammerer | 1278 words | ~6 min read

I attended the ContainerDays 2018 in Hamburg and want to give you a short summary of the talks I visited.

Impressions from SEACON 2018 - Part 2

by Harald Störrle | 925 words | ~5 min read

I give you my impressions from a presentation on Domain Driven Design at the SEACON.

Impressions from SEACON 2018 - Part 1

by Silke Tautorat | 569 words | ~3 min read

Impressions of an extraordinary keynote by two 13-year old pupils and eleven lessons learned from a large agile project.

Building IoT 2018 - shaping the Internet of Things

by Moritz Kammerer | 1652 words | ~8 min read

I visited the building IoT at Cologne, Germany in June 2018. The following is a list of the talks I attended and found interesting.

JavaLand 2018

1791 words | ~9 min read

Our highlights of JavaLand 2018

Software Circus

by Felix Obenauer | 1139 words | ~6 min read

The most interesting topics we experienced during this year’s Software Circus include AI/ Machine Learning, Software Architecture, DevOps.