Cloud Native Dev Tooling With Go

by Markus Zimmermann | 1367 words | ~7 min read

Faster DevOps flow and higher productivity with Cloud Native Dev Tools using Go

The status quo of Chaos Engineering

by Josef Fuchshuber | 1632 words | ~8 min read

This article shows you the current status of Chaos Engineering rituals, procedures and tooling in the Cloud Native ecosystem.

Chaos Engineering: Chaos Toolkit Demo

by Josef Fuchshuber | 1163 words | ~6 min read

This blog article demonstrates the usage and functionality of the open source chaos engineering tool Chaos Toolkit.

Collaborative Monitoring

by Florian Lautenschlager | 1189 words | ~6 min read

We found a helpful approach to collaborative monitoring in a large project that we want to share with you.

OOP 2020

by Florian Kowalski, Uli Schweikl, Vanessa Paulisch and Stefan Billet | 1162 words | ~6 min read

A field report from the 2020 OOP conference in Munich.

Breaking your build on SonarQube quality gate failure

by Moritz Kammerer | 468 words | ~3 min read

A summary on my QAlabs project for a Maven plugin and a standalone application to break the build on SonarQube quality gate failure

DevOps Enterprise Summit

by Michael Rohleder | 843 words | ~4 min read

Dieser Artikel liefert eine Zusammenfassung meiner persönlichen Eindrücke zum Besuch des DevOps Enterprise Summits in Las Vegas.

Software Circus

by Felix Obenauer | 1139 words | ~6 min read

The most interesting topics we experienced during this year’s Software Circus include AI/ Machine Learning, Software Architecture, DevOps.