Binary Data Format Comparison

by Nicolai Ommer | 1353 words | ~7 min read

A comparison of different binary data formats in terms of read/write performance and storage usage.

Ways to decorate Spring beans

by Moritz Kammerer | 1242 words | ~6 min read

In this blog post, we’ll look at various ways to decorate a Spring bean.

How to dispatch flux to worker in Reactor

by Andreas Grub | 1498 words | ~8 min read

This post shows how to dispatch a flux of items to services of separated functional domains when using Reactor in Java.

JavaLand 2018

1791 words | ~9 min read

Our highlights of JavaLand 2018

How to develop Eclipse SmartHome Bindings with IntelliJ and Docker

by Moritz Kammerer | 732 words | ~4 min read

We show you our approach on how to develop Eclipse SmartHome bindings with IntelliJ And Docker.

Locking Alternatives in Java 8

by Stefan Billet | 1216 words | ~6 min read

To provide synchronized data cache access, I discuss three alternatives in Java 8.

WireSpock - Testing REST service client components with Spock and WireMock

by Mario-Leander Reimer | 867 words | ~5 min read

I want to showcase a neat technology integration between Spock and the WireMock framework for testing your REST service client components.

Exploratory Open Source Software Testing with Spock

by Mario-Leander Reimer | 1788 words | ~9 min read

I will talk about exploratory software testing of open source software components, libraries or whole frameworks.

GUI Tests for JavaFX

by Andreas Zitzelsberger | 1124 words | ~6 min read

This article summarizes my experiences when setting up UI tests for a new JavaFX application at QAware.