The status quo of Chaos Engineering

by Josef Fuchshuber | 1632 words | ~8 min read

This article shows you the current status of Chaos Engineering rituals, procedures and tooling in the Cloud Native ecosystem.

Chaos Engineering: Chaos Toolkit Demo

by Josef Fuchshuber | 1163 words | ~6 min read

This blog article demonstrates the usage and functionality of the open source chaos engineering tool Chaos Toolkit.

OOP 2020

by Florian Kowalski, Uli Schweikl, Vanessa Paulisch and Stefan Billet | 1162 words | ~6 min read

A field report from the 2020 OOP conference in Munich.

JavaLand 2018

1791 words | ~9 min read

Our highlights of JavaLand 2018

WireSpock - Testing REST service client components with Spock and WireMock

by Mario-Leander Reimer | 867 words | ~5 min read

I want to showcase a neat technology integration between Spock and the WireMock framework for testing your REST service client components.

Exploratory Open Source Software Testing with Spock

by Mario-Leander Reimer | 1788 words | ~9 min read

I will talk about exploratory software testing of open source software components, libraries or whole frameworks.

GUI Tests for JavaFX

by Andreas Zitzelsberger | 1124 words | ~6 min read

This article summarizes my experiences when setting up UI tests for a new JavaFX application at QAware.